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Adana Entrepreneurship Center Early Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Pre-Incubation Program aims to contribute to the livelihoods of Syrian and Turkish participants through the development of entrepreneurship skills and technological business opportunities. The project is expected to assist in the social cohesion of both communities through collaborations to be developed that will gain new entrepreneurial business ideas and valuable livelihood opportunities in addition, it is aimed to help candidates who have business ideas in the field of informatics and technology reveal their management and entrepreneurship potential.


Pre-Incubation Program Announcement and Receiving Application

Program Advertisements

Selection of 160 young entrepreneurs for the "Entrepreneurship Training Program"


Determination of 10 entrepreneurial teams to participate in BootCamp with the "StartUp Weekend"

StartUp Weekend

Organizing training, mentoring and consultancy support during the Bootcamp process

Bootcamp Program

Pitching day, The Jury members will select two winner teams each of whom will receive grant of seed money to support their business start-up.

Demo Day

Application Form

Who Can Apply?

* 18-35 Turkish and Syrian who are under temporary protection identity card or valid residence permit

* Entrepreneurs who do not have a company yet and have the potential to establish a sustainable business

* Priority will be given to the initiatives that pursue balance between Turks and Syrians and men and women entrepreneurs.

* Candidates who will participate in the training will be evaluated according to the Feasibility, Commercialization Potential and Sustainability criteria.

Application Form


Commercialization Potential


Program Details

Announcement & Application

1 - Making Announcements Using Social Media and Other Channels

2 - Promotions in Universities and Relevant Institutions

3 - Receiving Applications

1 - 19 MARCH 2021

Application Evaluation

1 - Establishing Evaluation Criteria

2 - Determination of the Jury for Evaluation

3 - Identifying 160 Entrepreneurs among the Applications

4 - Informing Entrepreneurs Eligible for Training

19 - 22 MARCH 2021

Entrepreneurship Trainings

Entrepreneurship Training, which will last 5 days, includes business plans, competitor analysis, legal information, financial plan, etc. about the ideas that entrepreneurs want to develop or implement. It will focus on the topics and facilitate the commercialization of the ideas.

29 MARCH - 11 APRIL 2021

Entrepreneurship Education Content Details

Day 1
- What is entrepreneurship? Advantages - disadvantages, possible risks
- Entrepreneurship types
- Entrepreneurship examples - Experience sharing
- Creativity workshop and trend technology business areas
Day 2
- Business types and functions
- Financial and legal responsibilities of businesses
- Current business trends
- Co-working spaces, technoparks
Day 3
- Business plan and elements
- Market research
- SWOT Analysis
Day 4
- Creating a Production Plan
- Creating a Management Plan
- Creating a Financial Plan
Day 5
- Business Model Canvas (BMC)
- Pitching Techniques

BootCamp Program

StartUp Weekend Event (BootCamp Selections)

Teams that have completed the Entrepreneurship Training will participate in the StartUp Weekend program.

At the end of the event, 10 Entrepreneurial Teams to be selected by the jury will be eligible to participate in the BootCamp (Pre-Incubation) program.

14 - 16 APRIL 2021

BootCamp Program

Throughout the BootCamp Program, intensive and in-depth entrepreneurship training will be provided, and entrepreneurs will be assigned a mentor and consultant to improve their products.

In this process, Entrepreneurs are expected to develop MVP (Minimum Viable Product) related to their projects. After the Bootcamp program, a jury will evaluate Entrepreneurs at the Demo Day. 2 Entrepreneurial teams will be selected to receive 100.000 TL business start-up establishment support.

16 APRIL - 16 MAY 2021

Demo Day

Groups that have completed the BootCamp Program will present their ideas and products to a jury at the Demo Day.

At the end of the 1-day event, 2 of the Entrepreneurs will be selected and each of them will be given 100.000 TL support for establishing a company!

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17 May 2021